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Balkan Communication Network (BCN)


Balkan Communication Network has been created by the Constitutional Conference under the leadership of T.C.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held in Ankara on 9-10 June 2005. Balkan Communication Network has been consisted of prominent Strategic and other research centers in Balkan countries.


After meetings of Sophia in 2006 and Bucharest in 2007, the third annual meeting of the Network was held in Tekirdag in cooperation with Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies TASAM and SAM on 30th April 2010. Balkan Communication Network forming a parallel diplomacy platform which will could contribute to strengthen mutual trust and understanding will hold the 4rd annual conference of Balkan Communication Network in cooperation with central TASAM in Ohrid-Macedonia and Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts MANU on 15-17th September 2011.


Balkan Communication Network which provides a tight cooperation between active think tanks in the region held the previous annual conference  in cooperation with  SAM and TASAM in Tekirdag on 30th April 2010.  İn Conference;  Moldova, Montenegro, Slovenia attended for the first time and the memberships of new think tanks from other Balkan countries were approved.


In 2012, the Conference of Balkan Communication Network creating alternative constructive approaches  for decision makers through closeness and tight cooperation established between think tanks of Balkan Countries will be arranged hosted by Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS).


The 4th of International Balkans Forum will be held in Edirne with international cooperation of   TASAM, Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies, Governorate of Edirne, Turkey Development Agency, Institution of Yunus Emre.

The Forum will be held in Ekmekçizade Ahmet Paşa Kervansarayı in Edirne between 28th and 30th April. The topic of 4th International Balkans Forum is determined as “ Cultural Diplomacy”. The opening speech will be made by the Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy, the director of the Institution of Yunus Emre Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Bilkan, the Secretary General of Trakya Organization for Development M. Gökay Üstün, The Chairman of TIKA Turkish International and Cooperation &Development Agency V. Dr. Mehmet Yılmaz, The Governor of Edirne Gökhan Sözer, The Secretary General of Presidency Prof. Dr. Mustafa İsen 

Over hundred representatives of think thank and NGO, Scholars, Ambasadors researchers and journalists will attend to the 4th International Balkans Forum from both Turkey and Balkan States.


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